How do businesses manage their reputation by engaging in positive public relations and encouraging positive review?

There are a few ways that a business can manage their online reputation by engaging with their targeted public. One of the most common strategy that companies or organizations use is the media. You will often see messages floating around through social media and other online platforms that are strategically placed to make the company look good. These companies also use media forms such as press releases and advertorials.

Advertorials are advertisements in the form of news stories. Sometimes you will also see them in the form of reviews in newspapers or magazines. The point of advertorials is to benefit both the company and the already accredited newspaper or magazine that is being purchased. In no way, this can be considered a form of affiliation or affiliate networking.

Social media is by far the biggest form of public relations, online reputation, and Press release opportunity that anyone has at the moment. With Facebook and Twitter being the two most used form of PR, there are so many people to meet and connections to be made that one can only hope for that viral outcome. Think of all the different types of people that would be following your company page or your organization’s cause. There are journalists, authors and writers, artists, musicians, and all types of fields that one could go on for days listing. Which demographic would your company most fit with? The biggest hope is that you can attract them all. Online reputation management that is properly done on a timely basis can help bring your targeted demographic to you.

The good old fashion way of sending out newsletters has not yet diminished but become one of the most popular ways to digitally receive updates. Newsletters used to be strictly print and mail but with the Internet being invented and accelerated so far we now have the luxury of receiving newsletters to our cluttered email box . Either way, Newsletters are one of the best ways to get out any information necessary to be transparent. Remember transparency is the key to a good reputation.

Creating brochures and catalogs are still very popular ways to keep your name in the public eye. Although they are less frequent to see these days creating a digital catalog that includes new coupons or deals will definitely boost the online reputation as well as search results.

Throwing a business event or an organized event for a charity or cause is a very popular way of engaging with the public. Whether you’re trying to spread awareness or raise funds or simply bring attention to your company, having some sort of promotion, party, or anything in between will definitely bring people and attention to your direction. And think about what kinds of people it just may happen to do attract… Bloggers, journalist, people that simply over share with other people who simply over share… Even if everyone who shows up is just texting or on the phone with somebody while they’re at your place is publicity.

Do you speak with or engage with any of your customers, clients, followers, or anyone potentially going to be one of them? Speaking and engaging with people is one of the best ways to make an impression. Small business owners happen to perfect this particular PR tool because they are the ones building their business from ground up.

Are there any opportunities for partnership or sponsorships to anyone that your company would be capable of doing? This is always a great idea unless you are Taco Bell and KFC In the same building. A great example would be Cinnabon and Pillsbury who merged their brands to create the Cinnabon grande cinnamon roll.

Another thing that companies must monitor in order to keep reputation stellar is their relationship with their employees. The staff is the backbone of a company so if there is a very unhappy group of employees and a company shows a lack of respect then the word will get out in many ways. The most common would probably be videotaping and recording on a smartphone.

A lot of times you will see large companies doing their community good. Different companies offer different relations to their members but in the long run are very loyal to their community. Some show it by throwing food banks in toy drives and other show it by creating their own personal way of saying thank you.