How do celebrities manage their online reputation with PR firms and reputation management companies?

Over the last couple of years you may have heard of plenty of celebrity hacking stories on the news, most recently, the Kim Kardashian robbery in France which left the poor woman tied up and fearing for her life. The media speculated that she was hacked and also that the way she was branding herself through social media allowed the wrong people to know where she was going to be located. By being extremely careful with the things that you put into the cloud or online could drastically reduce chances of this scenario happening to you or your business.

The smallest thing released to the world online can really mess up a person life. Not only did this affect her and her family personally but she is possibly struggling with her brand because Of the trauma. This alone should call for a change in the way she released information or posts to her fans.

Using her as an example is a very distinctive way to show just how easily anything could happen. She is not the only star that has been affected by the hacking. A couple of years back there were a handful of celebrities who use iCloud accounts were broken into and had photos released. These were unflattering photos that would hurt each and every one of their reputations in more than one way. By making sure things such as these photos are not accessible to people like the hackers will ensure a higher rate of positive branding and reputation management. Reputation management services are popular among celebrities that need to protect their online information and want to avoid hacking.

All of these incidents occurred because of the lack of security on iCloud accounts as well as improper posting via social media platforms. Between those two key subjects, there is a lot to keep in mind but they are not the only things you need to watch when monitoring your reputation. Not everybody has a publicist or manager that is able to help us manage our online presence like most of these celebrities and even then they proved to hackable.

Now don’t get reputation management confused with public relations managing. If you’re reading this and you happen to be one of the many people that are probably thinking that I am mixing up my concepts then just keep reading. Reputation management is monitoring strictly the online presence of a person, company, or organization. Public relations take care of things that are more in person and have nothing to do with the online management parts. Don’t get me wrong they are both very important but they are both different. To sum up, in a nutshell, online reputation management is the practice of managing companies online image as well as marketing. Online reputation management services can