How has internet marketing & PR become an integral part of reputation management?

With the way the internet and world work today it is no longer a shocker to see the bad before the good in anything. Online shopping and services are at its peak level and are only expected to rise and expand into bigger and better ways of doing everything. So when a business or company create their marketing campaigns and one happens to make one person very angry, it becomes a huge news story which then becomes the first thing on the search results when a person searches for your brand name. In some cases, this is a good thing because we all need to know everything about everyone but in cases such as what happened to those celebrities mentioned above, that was all things that were reputation harming but in the end, most people did not care and were more sympathetic than hateful.

If this was a case as huge as Jared from Subway’s incident, Bill Cosby and… well what he did, and similar things then you better beehive that a reputation will be slandered like no other. It is very hard to recover from large scandals like that and even ones like Chipotle’s e-coli incident.

When large company’s or web known people royal mess up in the eyes of the people then it becomes very hard to redeem themselves and they need to strategize everything including their marketing strategies. For example, Samsung has had a lot of phones and larger appliances blow up and catch on fire. After this large recall of recently released items, their comeback strategy seems to be giving away free phones through two-year contracts, and not just one, but two at a time. These are not the cheap ones either, they are the Galaxies. They really are confident that the new ones are fixed and that there won’t be any more explosions, but are consumers confident that the bugs are fixed?

There are a lot of questions to ask before beginning to build an online presence. What kind of reputation do you want to have? How do you what people to portray your business, cause or self? And what should you put online and what shouldn’t you. Once it is there then it is there forever.