Which tools would work best for my business or my brand?

With all of this in mind now thank of which form of advertisement or PR would work best to protect your reputation online. This platform must be where you do 95% of your marketing if not all of it. In today’s modern world the social media platforms are the best tool for any kind of PR but there are tons of other options as well, such as:

– starting a blog
– building your Google identity and advertisements
– making sure your company name or cause is included on everything like emails, brochures, and anything else that you were able to use that information on
– creating separate domains for the different aspects of the company like one for a physical store and its products and one for the community work and events they may hold. You can use this idea for any possible creative thing that you can think of
– if you have the capability of creating a book about what it is that you do or somewhere along the subject line of your brand then publish it to Amazon

If you are not familiar with the different social media platforms here is a list of the biggest and most popular ones:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– LinkedIn
– Pinterest
– Google plus
– Tumblr
– The old school and still Rocking, Myspace

You can also visit different forums that are targeted for your particular brand subject. Answer questions for those who need the help and even direct them to your websites, if applicable, and make sure you give them detailed information. The more a person feels they were directed correctly, the more trusted you or your brand becomes, therefore hiking your reputation sky high.

There are many aspects of things to think of when trying to protect and manage your reputation online or in person. Always think twice before acting and definitely think three times before posting.